Greg Mays is a marketing and social media consultant. He’s also an experienced cocktail and liquor writer and photographer (portfolio).

4 reasons not to hire Greg:

  1. You prefer to bore people.
  2. You think social media is a “time-waster.”
  3. You don’t want people to understand your message.
  4. You are passionately committed to ugly, stale communication.

Greg has over 20 years of marketing experience and he teaches organizations how to rethink their communications. Greg has helped dozens of businesses develop marketing plans, brand their communication, establish a consistent message, and much more. He’s still got elements of punk rock rebellion and likes to fight for what’s right. Greg will gladly give you the reasons why Elvis Presley is still alive.

As an experienced consultant in marketing and communications, Greg is available to consult part time or on a per-project basis. Please contact by email for consulting rates and packages.

Clients include: Kearney Moving, Drink Spirits, University of Regina, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education, Prosperity Works, United Way, Center for Nonprofit Excellence, New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico, Santa Fe Community Foundation, Mars Hill Church, Prentice Hall Publishers, Aspen Publishers, and the International Association of Administrative Professionals.

“During our conference Greg received the highest ratings of all presenters.”
~Prosperity Works

“Greg Mays is the master of written communication.”
~University of New Mexico

“Greg is easy to work with. He quickly understood our vision and how to communicate it. Consulting with Greg gave us some really great ideas to help update our
company’s marketing and communications.”
~Kearney Moving

“I would recommend Greg to any organization that wants to start utilizing social media,
or that wants to see more results from the social media they already use.”
~H.E.E.D. (Housing for Emergency Evacuated and Displaced)

“Your social media course was engaging and informative.”
~United Way

cnpenmGreg teaching a 2013 social media course, courtesy of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.

Greg accepts responsibility for his roles in: